About Oshino Lamps America

Oshino Lamps America is part of the Oshino Ltd. Group. We provide direct sales and technical support to our customers in the US, Canada and South America.  “OL” means dependability, quality and reliability. As a lighting engineering and manufacturing company supporting multiple industries with exceptional quality subminiature, miniature lamps, sealed beam / PAR lamps, neon and halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes, LEDs and filament to LED conversions, we are a lighting resource you can trust.

Our technical expertise extends beyond lighting components to complementary products: optical light guides /  light pipes,  lighting modifications and improvements, lighting product development, injection molded lighting assemblies and new lighting product development.


Oshino products have applications in multiple industries wherever lighting is required:

  • Commerical & Military aviation / aerospace
  • Vehicles: automotive, heavy duty equipment, military ground, trucking, train
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical

Oshino Lamps. Lighting since 1931.

Oshino Lamps