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Oshino Lamps America Capabilities
Oshino Lamps America Lamp Product Catalogue
Automotive LED Applications
MD-300 Series LED Indicator Lights

MD-500 Series LED Indicator Lights
Lamps for Fuel Dispenser Displays
Contract Manufacturing
Aircraft Lamp Suite
Automotive Lamp Suite
Automotive Light Guide Engineering & Manufacturing
Miniature LEDs
Reading Lamps for B737
OL767 Emergency Exterior Xenon Lamp
Optical Engineering 
Sealed Beam Lamps for Rotary Wing Aircraft
Wing Tip Lamps 
OL4411-3 PAR36 LED Sealed Beam Lamp
4411 PAR36 Automotive Sealed Beam Lamp
4509 PAR36 Automotive Sealed Beam Lamp
OLCSP1616 Chip Scale Mini White LED

OLCR2016 Compact Ceramic High Lux RGBA LED
OLPL3030 1.5W High Power PLCC LED
OLXLT3535 Federal Single Chip LED
OLXLT5050 Federal 4W High Power LED
OLPL3528 PLCC Custom Flexible LED Assemblies
9204 Halogen Reading Lamp

Oshino Automotive Light Guides - Designing Industry Statements

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Industry Organizations

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