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Taxi, Logo, Landing Lamps Stocked in WI.

Oshino Lamps America
Automotive Electrical Engineering
Optical Engineering
Aircraft Lamps
Filament Lamps
NDIR Sensor Lamps
NVIS Filters

Oshino Lamps America supports aerospace/aviation, manufacturing / electronics and automotive industries with exceptional quality, miniature and sub-miniature incandescent lamps, optical engineering (light guides), optical filters and LEDs. Work directly with Oshino Lamps America for sales and technical support.

Oshino Lamps America’s parent company, Oshino Lamps Ltd., founded in 1931 in Japan, designs, manufactures and tests their products to ensure the highest quality possible for nearly any lighting application in any industry.

Vehicle LightingVehicle Lighting

Miniature, subminiature, halogen and sealed beam / PAR lamps for cars, heavy duty equipment, trucks, tanks and trains.

Aircraft Lighting

Filament LampsA comprehensive selection of miniature, subminiature, sealed beam, halogen, neon and fluorescent tube lamps.

NDIR Sensor Lamps

NDIR Sensor LampsStable, consistent infrared (IR) output with high rise-up times and compact packaging for sensor applications. 


Aircraft LEDsDiscreet CSP, PLCC, Federal and other SMT emitters manufactured with extended bin life consistency.

Automotive Optical Engineering

On-staff optical experts design light guides for any automobile, any look or style.

Night Vision Filters

NVIS FiltersNight vision filters (NVIS) designed and manufactured in the US for panel, screen and keyboard OEMs worldwide.

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

OLA understands the intricacies of manufacturing. After all, we're a manufacturer too. We ensure that Oshino components are made right and on-time so you can meet your customer's needs.