OLA understands the intricacies of contract manufacturing. Schedules change, inventory requirements increase and decrease, quality must be strictly maintained and contract manufacturers do not want to be saddled with excess inventory.

 The Oshino Difference

  • Oshino is the manufacturer so we get it! If our suppliers don’t perform, neither do we. We strictly monitor our suppliers, production and quality for product consistency and performance. 

  • OLA is flexible. We will stock inventory so you don’t have to. We will work with the contract manufacturer to determine a delivery schedule that meets their needs.

  •  Logistics for warehousing, packaging, shipping that are beneficial for our customers. 

  • Businesses are in business to make money. That seems obvious but the point is this: we consider not just immediate needs but the future relationship. Earning and keeping our customers’ business is a privilege. 

Automotive, environmental, industrial or medical contract manufactures, contact Oshino for technical and business support for neowedge, subminiatuer, miniature lamp and SMT LED requirements.

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